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CRAS is pleased to announce our partnership with Metlife Insurance Co. and BlueCross/BlueShield Health Insurance. Upon hire within CRAS employee's are given the option to enroll in affordable health care options for self and/or family. Selected coverage will become effective within 60 days of employment with CRAS. Whether you are a current CRAS employee in which case you may have filled out previous health insurance paperwork or a new member to our team we will need updated benefit forms submitted during open enrollment period. It is imperative we receive signed enrollment forms within a timely manner to avoid a possible gap in benefit coverage.  Be mindful upon enrollment of selected voluntary benefit programs, CRAS is unable to make changes following enrollment unless there is a Qualifying Event during the coverage period.  In choosing to waive health insurance and/or voluntary benefit insurance CRAS will still require signed forms reflecting your choice to waive said benefits. 

BlueCross/BlueShield health insurance and Metlife Voluntary benefit enrollment forms are available via the link provided below, weekly rate breakdown can be accessed within this document.

In opting against CRAS Health Insurance options employee's have access to information regarding Marketplace Coverage via the link below. 

CRAS proudly offers all employee's 25k in life insurance coverage with no cost to the employee. Access to Metlife Life insurance enrollment forms are available via the link below.